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Letter of Appreciation – Dr. Sudha Madhusudhan Reddy, NMC Medical Centre, Deira, Dubai

Dr. Sudha Madhusudan Reddy

“Allow me to introduce myself. I am of Sudanese national working as a Legal Advisor in the UAE Ministry of Interior. I came to NMC Medical Centre, Deira, Dubai on Monday morning after spending the whole night at the another hospital’s emergency room due to major pain on my wisdom tooth. I met Dr. Sudha Madhusudhan Reddy, who was highly professional as well as extremely kind hearted, who relieved my pain and immediately guided me to make an appointment with Dr. Simon Raif Morkos at NMC Specialty Hospital, Al Nahda to extract my tooth which has been causing me all the pain. I have come across many dentists in my life, but Dr. Sudha was definitely the best of the lot. I wanted to take my time by writing this email to thank you for hiring such great Doctors at your Hospitals.

Thankful Patient”


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