Dr. Sudha Madhusudhan Reddy
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Dr. Sudha Madhusudhan Reddy

Hod - Specialist Endodontist

Practice Locations:
NMC Medical Centre, Deira, Dubai

Dr. Sudha Madhusudan completed her B.D.S. from VS Dental College, Bangalore, Karnataka, India 1987-1992, and M.D.S. from Bapuji Dental College, Davanagre, and Karnataka, India, 1994-1997. She has also attended several international conferences and workshops.

Dr. Sudha Madhusudan has an excellent and impressive track record of over 20 years as Specialist Endodontist.

She did her thesis for M.D.S. Comparative study of working length with IOP X-ray, Apex locator and RVG.

Dr. Sudha Madhusudan is well versed in Telugu, Kannada, Hindi, Tamil, English, and Arabic.

Language Known : English,Hindi,Telugu,Kannada,Arabic


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